The word “personality” gets thrown around a lot. I’m certainly doing it here. But what exactly is a personality?

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3-personalities-of-moneyOur personalities are made up of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components. They’re molded and colored and given intricacies by our upbringing, our experiences, our fears, our passions, and our observations of the world. What I am calling your “Financial Personality” is just one aspect of who you are.

The 3 Personalities of Money® Financial Profile 3-minute test is not intended to pigeonhole or oversimplify anyone. It does not pretend to be the instant cure for your financial ills and frustrations. Rather, this simple test – which was devised and tested by unbiased academics in the field of Psychology – has one objective: to help Savers, Investors and Speculators define and discover their true financial personality so they can feel more comfortable about who they are and where to invest their money.

It was not developed nor conceived by the Financial world looking to garner more of your money, but rather by someone who has spent thousands of hours, face to face, with consumers just like you. The Three Personalities of Money® test was developed by test development and validation specialist Dr. Betsey Shoenfelt and Dr. Regan Brown, both professors of industrial organizational physiology at Western Kentucky University. To learn more about the academics behind this test, go HERE

Upon completing the test, we will immediately email you the results. Good luck with the test. I trust you are excited about this new approach to mind over money.

David Lukas

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