By taking the 3Personalities of Money Financial Profile, I am acknowledging that the results of this profile are not conclusive but to be considered only as an indicator of my personal preferences as reflected in my acceptance of financial risk vs. guarantee.

  • 1. If given the choice between a high risk/high yield investment a low risk/low yield investment, I would choose the latter.
  • 2. I would rather spend time doing things I enjoy (e.g., fishing, being with family, etc.) as opposed to spending time trying to learn about things that appear too complex (e.g., researching stocks).
  • 3. If I had a windfall gain (bonus, inheritance, winnings, etc.), I would put that money back into a venture I felt had upside potential rather than placing it in a safe option.
  • 4. I am an emotional buyer (e.g., I cannot afford some of the things I have, but I make purchases anyway because at some point it will all work itself out).
  • 5. I am more likely to buy a stock rather than a guaranteed investment or savings product, and an option rather than a stock.
  • 6. I can accept losses more easily than others can.
  • 7. I am a thrill seeker.
  • 8. I enjoy analyzing buying decisions based on research.
  • 9. I like guarantees.
  • 10. I have no problem taking advantage of the situation at hand.
  • 11. I will take a chance once I have done my homework.
  • 12. I want financial products that are very predictable.
  • 13. I am an impulse buyer.
  • 14. When challenged, I do not know the real details or the true impact of current events on financial markets.
  • 15. The expression “no risk, no reward” definitely fits me.
  • 16. A penny saved is a penny earned.
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