What is The WorryFree Retirement®?

Answer: The WorryFree Retirement® is a decision making process that’s been utilized, revised and refined over the last 20+ years. It’s a process that is focused on You and your goals. It’s all about your vision of what retirement looks like to you.

Question: If I contact David to setup an appointment, what can I expect?

Answer: We typically work on a two-week rotation. Upon setting your first appointment with David, We’ll send you a confidential Starter Kit right away. This will allow you to gather the basic information before your first meeting with David. This meeting (The Clarify Your Vision) Meeting, last no more than one hour and is usually set about two weeks out to give you plenty of time to gather your documents to bring with you. In this meeting, David will help you identify the dangers, opportunities and strengths that lie ahead for you. There’s never a cost or obligation to Meet with David to determine if you wish to move forward with Step 2 of The WorryFree Retirement®

Is The WorryFree Retirement® only about annuities? Is that all you do?
Answer: NO
The WorryFree Retirement® really is about a process and not a particular product. However, many people at retirement are risk averse, and want a portion of their investments and retirement income not to be subject to market volatility.   So naturallyannuities and solutions that life insurance products provide are frequently a part of your WorryFree Retirement® game plan for Savers  who gravitate to the guaranteed nature of insurance contracts.  No other financial instruments provides what Savers long for: Guaranteed income for life that you can never outlive. With that being said, as a registered adviser, In addition to annuities, David frequently recommends market based investments as well as other investments.  We would never suggest that you put all of your money into an annuity. If you are a Saver, an annuity is potentially a place for some of your money, not all of it.  In fact, some of our clients do not utilize these insurance contracts. As fiduciary’s it is our obligation to assess your risk tolerance and help you make decisions accordingly as to whether this type of product is in your best interest.

Do you charge fees of any kind?
Answer: As a Fiduciary, we believe it is of the utmost importance to educate people on  the options available to them and how exactly the “hired help” gets paid.    These options include low-cost index funds where we do not charge advisory fees.  If you are ever paying a fee, It is our firm belief that you should know exactly what you are paying and what you are getting in return. In the absence of value, fees simply do not make sense and can have a damaging affect over time.  David also recommends market based options where David Lukas FInancial does get compensated through advisory fees. David has carefully researched options that he believes bring value providing solutions that have a history of managing volatility, and minimizing loss of investments in all market cycles.

How much does it cost for me to work with David?
Answer: There is never a cost or obligation to meet with David and explore your options. David Lukas Financial is committed to transparency and we will gladly share with you exactly how much David Lukas Financial is compensated. Should you decide to implement any recommendations where we are paid, we will let you know up front what these fees are. David Lukas Financial is compensated by either a commission from insurance solutions and or on advisory fee or financial planning fee basis.

Question:  How can I find out what my financial personality is?
Answer: The Three Personalities of Money® test was developed by test development and validation specialist Dr. Betsey Shoenfelt and Dr. Regan Brown, both professors of industrial organizational physiology at Western Kentucky University. You can take this quick financial profile test by clicking HERE. It will tell you what your predominate financial personality is. Are you a Saver? Investor or Speculator?   To learn more about this test go HERE

It seems that you only work with those at or near retirement. Do you  work with people that aren’t near retirement?

Answer: Although we primarily work with those who are at or near retirement, David also works with many people who are several years away from retirement.

Question: Can you help me with life insurance needs?

Answer: Absolutely! David, is very experienced in the use of life insurance and focuses on Specially Designed Life Insurance Contracts (SDLI). For more info, you can go HERE.