What is The DLF Retirement Advantage®?

Answer:  The DLF Retirement Advantage®  is a unique five-step process focused on You and your goals.

The DLF Retirement Advantage® is focused on helping you simplify your finances, sleep well at night and worry less about money™

Question: If I contact David to set up an appointment, what can I expect?

Answer: On an average monthly basis, we have 100 to 125 people contact our office who have questions or concerns they would like David to help them with. Out of that,  David personally meets with 40 to 50 of those individuals who we feel may be a good fit for working with David. The first step is to contact our office and we’ll help you determine if it makes sense for us to set that 1st appointment. You can reach our office at 501-218-8880.

What does it cost to meet with David?
Answer: There is never a cost or obligation to meet with David. After your first meeting, we determine together whether or not we proceed to step two of The DLF Retirement Advantage® Process. Working together must be a good fit for us and obviously, it has to make sense to you as well.

How much does it cost for me to work with David?
Answer: As a Fiduciary, we believe it is of the utmost importance to educate people on the options available to them and how exactly the “hired help” gets paid. David Lukas Financial is committed to transparency and we will gladly share with you exactly how much David Lukas Financial is compensated. Prior to any commitment on your part (Step 3 of The DLF Retirement Advantage® process), we will let you know how the “Hired Help” is compensated. David Lukas Financial is compensated by either advisory fees, a commission from insurance solutions Gold or Silver purchases.

It seems that you only work with those at or near retirement. Do you work with people that aren’t near retirement?

Answer: Although we primarily work with those who are at or near retirement, we also work with many people who are several years away from retirement and we are happy to discuss your situation to see how we can help improve your situation.

Question: Can you help me with life insurance needs?

Answer: Absolutely! David is very experienced in the use of life insurance and focuses on Specially Designed Life Insurance Contracts (SDLI) For more info, you can go HERE

David also works with High Net worth individuals to allow them to give generously to their favorite non-profit with no money out of pocket to the donor or the non-profit.