"My mission, is to help people sleep better at night so they can relax and enjoy their retirement. If I can help someone beat their worries, that, to me, is the greatest satisfaction of all."

David Lukas has been an entrepreneur since 1993. Ever since, David has been passionate about creating businesses that serve the needs of consumers and businesses alike.
One of David’s earliest business ventures, an internet filtering service was the first of its kind in Arkansas and was recognized by New York Times best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki in his book “Rich Dad’s Success Stories.”
David entered the financial services industry over 18-years ago. During that time, he observed that by in large, much of what consumers were being led to believe by those in the investment world wasn’t always in their best interest. Clients are often advised to hang in there despite the ups and downs of the market. “The idea that my clients could sustain significant genuine losses just wasn’t real for me.”

Over time, David had the opportunity to talk with many people who lost substantial amounts of money in the market. Time and time again, they were told to “just hang in there”. That’s little consolation to someone at or near retirement. These losses can be devastating. “Most of the people I talked to were confused,” David says. “The financial world presents itself as this highly complex system that only experts understand. You can be presented with the best information in the world, but if you can't understand it, you aren't empowered to make a positive financial change." David Recounts.

“After having an opportunity to meet with countless people, I observed that most people are taking way more risk than they told me they wanted heading into retirement. They are frequently in funds that lost 25% to 50% or more just a few years earlier. If history repeated itself, it would be a recipe for disaster. The sad part is that they have no idea of the risk they are facing. They’ve got a hope and prayer portfolio… a scary proposition for someone at or near retirement.”

David set out to find a better way. The major challenge David faced was reducing risk for his clients. “I wanted to help my clients who are at or near retirement protect and here’s the keyword… enjoy their retirement savings. The goal was to find a way to be opportunistic in the good times, while defensive in the bad times and provide sound financial solutions focused on low risk, low volatility with the greatest probability of long term success.”

The David Lukas Show

David’s Radio show is an extension of this mission. The David Lukas Show airs locally on three stations: News Radio 102.9fm KARN (Central Arkansas). 96.5fm The Answer and 99.5 Faith Talk. According to Nielsen, the show was recognized as one of the top 100 financial shows in the United States. The David Lukas Show is an evolution of a radio show that has existed for over 11 years. David can also regularly be seen on KATV Good Morning Arkansas, KARK channel 4, and KTHV 11, and other media outlets.

David, is a published author of “Whose Future Are You Financing?” This book was a result of his comprehensive study, research, and application of economics, banking, and our monetary system. David is a National Social Security Advisor Certificate Holder. NSSA® is the only ACCREDITED Social Security Certificate program in the nation. David has contributed articles to websites including TownHall.com and The DailyCaller.com. He has contributed to other publications such as The Health Care Journal of Little Rock. David has been happily married for over 21 years and has three children.

David Lukas is an investment adviser representative with Infinite Financial Solutions, LLC an Arkansas Registered Investment Adviser doing business as: David Lukas Financial