Here is a Little-Known Method That is Helping Business Owners Save Hundreds of Thousands in Taxes. Are You One of Them?

By David Lukas If you are a business owner, partner, or independent healthcare professional, you’ve probably felt the sting at tax time. There are many business structures under which you can organize. The two most common are a Limited Liability Company and an S-Corp. Both of these entities are “flow-through” concerning taxation, meaning that all … (Read more)

The Four Letter Word That Will Derail Your Retirement And How To Fix It

David Walker. Does that name ring a bell? David Walker served as the comptroller general of the federal government. What does that mean? It means he was the head of the government accountability office. He was the equivalent of the CPA of the United States. He did it for ten years under Bush and Clinton.  … (Read more)

How Do You Treat Your Tax Tumor? Three Steps That Could Save You Thousands…


(Originally Published in The Healthcare Journal of Little Rock, by David Lukas) We’ve all heard the adage, Nothing can be certain in this world except death and taxes. This statement is certainly apropos when it comes to taxes concerning your retirement savings. Most people who plan for retirement take advantage of government-approved “Tax Savings Plans,” or … (Read more)