To understand the retirement rules, let’s look at the game of basketball. The object of the game is to score more points than you opponent. Basketball is like life, the game has a time clock. In the game of basketball, the game time is divided into the first half, and the second half. In relation to your money, consider the first half and 2nd half of life.

The first half of life (Accumulation Phase)

This is when hopefully early in life, you realize the need to save as much as possible. If you are in the first half of life and actively saving or wanting to begin saving, then follow the link below:

In the first half of life?

The second half of life (The Distribution Phase)

As the years go by and you approach retirement, you are in now the 2nd half of life. If this fits your situation, read more about The WorryFree Retirement® process by clicking below:

In the second half of life?