A key service of David Lukas Financial is to assist our business clients in eliminating or mitigating operating expense loss by helping business owners find capital they are currently losing unknowingly and unnecessarily.

Expense lost is not only the money you are forced to spend which is simply the cost of doing business, but also money you could be losing unknowingly and unnecessarily. Obviously if you knew where the losses were occurring you would already solved these issues.

There are only two ways people other than you can make a substantial impact on your business. One would require an intimate knowledge of your business to find new markets or better opportunities for growth. This often requires increased risk for your and your company. The second way would be for someone to help you become more efficient with what you are currently doing and reduce areas of risk and loss. The latter is what David specializes in.

How efficient is your business? Many advisers have ideas of where you should invest the money your business is generating. When it comes right down to it, we believe there is no better place to invest your money than in your own company, simply because it is something you know and can control to some degree. The money your company generates is investment return. We believe there is more opportunity to positively impact your business financially by helping you avoid expense losses than helping you pick better investment opportunities.

Put to work the same concepts that large corporations have used for years. As your business grows, so do your expenses to run the business. Your job is to make your business grow to its maximum potential. Our job is to help you identify unnecessary expense losses that exist within your business.

In today’s challenging credit and regulatory environment, many times a major challenge for small and medium sized businesses is having access to capital.  In order to avoid the loss of interest and its opportunity cost, you must seek to put yourself in a financial position where you are in control of the money. Until you identify unnecessary expense losses, you will be forced to transfer some of your wealth away.

Whether you are a new or seasoned owner of a business, David will show you how to use the dollars that you are already spending more efficiently.  This will allow your business to establish an ever growing capital base that provides GUARANTEED access to money for business expansion. This access to guaranteed loans offers unstructured loan terms (yes, only you determine when payments are made). By being more efficient with your existing cash flows your business can:

  1. Have GUARANTEED access to money to expand your business.
  2. Unstructured loan payments to meet cash flow needs.
  3. Recapture the cost of running your business through elimination of unnecessarily expense losses.
  4. Be more efficient. Spend the same dollar multiple times….

The power of reducing unnecessary expense loss will enable your business to recapture dollars your business is currently needlessly loosing.

In the future, you will most likely sell your business or pass it on to another family member. Either way, there will be a day that you will no longer be able to, or choose to be actively involved.  For example, you sell your business in X amount of years for X amount of dollars. By implementing The Proven Business Systems plan, not only would you reap the proceeds from the sale of your business, but you could also recapture much of your operating expenses. Using these strategies, not only would you have sold your business, in addition, you would have hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars in a tax free account that you could spend any way you wish. This is all accomplished by helping our clients identify and eliminate unnecessary expenses losses.

Below are some examples of professionals who are using this model who have successfully implemented these strategies.  Find out what other small and medium sized companies already know. David can show your business how to accomplish all of this by simply being more efficient with existing cash flows. What do you have to lose?

  • Trucking Companies
  • Self-Employed Dentist
  • Self-Employed Doctors
  • Self-Employed Pharmacist
  • Self-Employed CPA’s
  • Non-Profits
  • and more…

Call us today to see how David can help your business.