The other day I caught a popular Financial Radio Show host say that anyone who buys whole life insurance is getting ripped off and is being taken by a scam artist. This radio personality often claims that anyone that sells these products are “scum of the earn”. This is a pretty bold statement for someone who claims to be a God fearing man.  As someone who loves this product (and funds 7 policies myself) It makes me scratch my head and wonder.  Why is there such a vitral hatred for something that so many love?  Millions of Americans have successfully unitized these policies to accumulate savings on a tax-advantaged basis and leave a tax-free death benefit to their heirs. Banks, corporations, and all types of Americans own billions of dollars of permanent insurance products. Or how about the ad that says “I Hate Annuities And You Should To!”

All though I am a big believer in Whole Life products, I would never claim that they are right for everyone! Would I say that term life is a rip-off that no one should ever buy? Of course not! I also own term insurance, It certainly has its place. Anytime you hear someone make such dogmatic all encompassing statements, then you should raise your eye-brows. Why? Because no one product is right for everyone. People’s view of money and how they approach finances vary widely.

Or take annuities for instance. Some people claim that all annuities are bad, and that you should never own one, why do you think that is? Because these people have an agenda that they profit from. The two biggest “financial gurus” on the radio, often claim that these products are one step

You can be sure that anytime you hear a “one size fits all” message, there’s an agenda. What’s the agenda? To sell you something! In the case of this particular radio show host, he conveniently has a term insurance company that he refers business to and benefits from.    In reality every person’s financial situation is different, and there is no “one size fits all” financial product!