2016 guide2The dream of a financially secure retirement starts with knowing what benefits Social Security will provide — over 50% of many retirees’ income. The “2016 Guide to Social Security” is the perfect resource to learn everything you need to know about Social Security and how to get the most out of your benefits. This guide is the 43rd addition and includes all updated information for 2016.Use Promo Code: SS60 to get your free guide and Detailed Social Security Analysis $124.95 value) 

Key Features of the Social Security Guide:

  • New in 2016: the 64-page booklet includes all 2016 changes, updated examples, easy-reference benefit tables, eligibility rules and much more.
  • Easy access: a single, easy-to-use resource on Social Security retirement, disability, and survivor benefits.
  • Planning guide: a handy “Things To Do” section for future planning.

      Fill out the form below to get your Free customized Social Security analysis report. This same report retails for $124.95. You can download and view a sample report HERE. You can purchase the same report and pay the full cost by going HERE. (FREE By completing the form below and using Coupon Code: SS60) In this report, learn answers to the following questions:

             When should you apply?

    Which spouse should apply first?
    Should one of you file and suspend, and is this option even available to me?
    Will taxes make a difference?
    Can you continue working?
    What if you’re single?

    and much more…..

    This report is generated by powerful software that analyzes your unique information and tells you how to leverage all the rules of Social Security to your full advantage. Our software recommends the best claiming solution to maximize your benefits with only a few pieces of information you provide. The result may be more money for you!

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